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Our Team

Treat people as you wish to be treated. Understanding that, while the insurance needs for each of my clients may be different, the goal is always the same…to help provide the security we all want to achieve.

  • PURPOSE (WHY WE EXIST): To exceed our Customer’s expectations.
  • MISSION: Help manage our clients risk based on their needs.
  • BRAND PROMISE: We Cover Your Assets!

Service – Cliché, we know… but you’ll find that we actually deliver on this promise. Providing you with enough information to make an informed decision is just the start. We’ll keep you informed while in underwriting and continue to make sure you are getting the best rate after your policy is in force.

Brad Trotter

President/CEO Trotter & Associates Insurance Inc.
23 years experience as Insurance Agent/ Investment Advisor
Acquired Earl Allen Insurance inc. December of 2012
Owner Brad Trotter& Associates

Trotter & Associates Insurance Inc. was formed when Brad combined the Agencies of Mr. Earl Allen and his own agency. The synergy of the two agencies makes for a Professional and inviting experience.

Jacqui Fenoglio

CSR / Agent

Jacqui enjoys working in the insurance industry. With 22 years agency experience, she is right at ease with doing what it takes for our customer, always putting their interest first.

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